Collection: Neshka

Neshka, Sculpture Artist

Neshka ( Agnieszka Krusche ), is a native of Kraków, Poland, and a graduate of Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, Canada.

Since graduating from the Visual Communications Programme, Neshka has been seamlessly working in Fine Arts and Commercial Design.

Neshka works across sculpture, painting, drawing, and product design.

Architecture, abstract art and nature are strong inspirations. Simplicity and quality are key. Neshka’s collectors are drawn by the instinctive nature of the pieces. Neshka’s academic training in design and fine arts is reflected in her object design. She believes that the sharp distinction between fine art and everyday objects is an obsolete idea. Therefore Neshka’s pieces are finely crafted and intuitive. The pieces are handcrafted to meet museum quality, but still reflect the honesty of their raw materials.

Neshka's latest 3D work is in large scale sculptures made of charred Cedar wood. The sculptures are made of driftwood collected on the West Coast of Canada. Although minimalist in design, the sculptures have been described as having a formidable, thought-provoking presence.

Neither in her paintings nor in sculptures is Neshka interested in making a representation of people, landscapes or things. She is rather interested in capturing a blink-of-an-eye moment, an idea, a thought.

The jewellery collection consists of sculptural pieces that are both avant-garde and very wearable. Neshka’s goal is to design and make Objets d’Art that may serve as accessories. Neshka works with ebony wood, silver, amber, aquamarine, leather and other natural materials. The irregularities of Baltic Amber, Ebony wood, Aquamarine or other stones used are part of the luxury of the products.

Neshka is very aware of the environmental footprint any sector can create and questions the need for adding more objects or products to any part of life. This is considered when sourcing any materials and in the design process. There’s a strong sense of timelessness in Neshka’s work. The salvaged cedar wood and other materials carry a sense of a quiet renewal.

Neshka lives and works in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta, Canada. Born and raised in a beautiful old city, known for it’s culture, architecture, theater, universities and visual arts, she now finds beauty in the simplicity of a prairie landscape. The severe climate of the Foothills, and the minimalist aesthetics of those Prairies, has given Neshka a new appreciation for the instinctive design process. Simplicity is her biggest luxury.