Collection: Lori Bagneres

Lori Bagnérès, a visual artist born in Ontario, and living in North Vancouver, completed her MFA in contemporary art from L’école Nationale des Beaux Arts de Grenoble in 1993. She currently pursues multiple creative interests as an artist/educator in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and shows her work in public and private galleries in B.C. and Ontario. Her paintings are held in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.

Artist Statement: “Living On The Edge,”2022
‘My recent hiking has taken me drifting to the liminal areas of space found on
the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Where vegetation struggles against the
elements in a fight for survival on a rocky terrain. The expressive and wind-
swept sentinels of this rugged landscape are true testaments of struggle and
Trees – a recurring theme in my work - can always tell a compelling story to
which we all can relate. They are symbolic and metaphorical, and their
interconnectedness have an important role to play in our environment and
climate change.
This new series of paintings I’ve entitled “Living on the Edge” aims to expose
the bare beauty and uniqueness of these conifers and arbutus trees perched
on our rocky Pacific-shoreline. Depending on how you look at it, edges can be
places of opportunity or places of danger, however if you don’t live on the
edge, you will never truly appreciate the view.”