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Artist Mentoring

From his experiences as a theatre practitioner, sales associate at the prestigious Canada House Gallery, and as a gallery owner and curator, Joe Bembridge brings his variety of skills to assist commercial artists in navigating their artistic exploration and the commercial art industry.

In his mentoring sessions, Joe will review your portfolio and provide honest, straight-forward feedback on your work from a commercial gallery standpoint. He will coach you on how to approach galleries and recommend some that could be a good fit for you. While booking just one session will be valuable, Joe encourages artists to book a package of three. Having multiple sessions means Joe can check in on your progress and your work, encourage you and hold you accountable for your growth as an artist. 

Mentoring Sessions can be done in person or online through a zoom meeting, and are offered in 30min sessions for $65, or a package of 3 sessions sessions for $170. To schedule your mentoring session with Joe, send a message through the form below and he will reach out to you within 24 hours. Please include any links you have to your website or portfolio.