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Amy Webber

Amy Webber
Vancouver-based oil painter Amy Webber creates realistic yet somewhat dream-like imagery with a focus on the figure to capture emotions, intimate moments, and the complex experience of being human. Her recent figure work features a backdrop of moody west coast landscapes and seascapes that convey a spiritual connection to nature and her deep love for the Pacific Northwest.  

A self-taught emerging artist, Webber has always had a strong interest in the human psyche; she studied and worked in the fields of psychology and neuroscience for nearly a decade, during which she began casually painting in 2017 before dedicating herself to the fine arts full-time as of 2019. Seeking to understand and connect with people has been a common thread through both her scientific and artistic careers.

In 2019, Webber was awarded a sponsorship with the RBC Emerging Visual Artists Program including an exhibition at Arts Commons, one of the largest art centres in Canada, and she had her debut solo exhibition in 2021 at Gallery Merrick in Nanaimo, BC. She continues to exhibit in Canada and her artwork has been collected internationally. Webber is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
*New collection coming soon*