Collection: Yann Normand

Yann Normand, Canadian Artist at Gallery Merrick

Born in Quebec City in 1974, Yann Normand has crafted an artistic career spanning over 20 years, beginning with drawing and painting, and evolving into intricate sculptural work. Heavily influenced by industrial materials, he developed a unique method using steel to form complex pieces that embody a harmony between materiality and visual dialogue. Normand's work stems from a reflection on conflicting forces, but also on the necessary adversity that often brings about balance and consequently the pursuit of existential and artistic quest.

His work across various mediums, such as bronze, wood, rubber, mirror, and feathers, consistently shows a coherent relationship between substance and form. However, steel remains a central element to his creations. Inspired by the balance between natural forces, silence, spiritual ideals, and industrial elements, Normand seeks to produce honest and authentic work. Each piece, a testament to his love and passion for sculpting, represents extensive effort, care, and devotion, revealing an impressive scalability in his practice.

His art celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, its capacity to overcome adversities, and its power to create through hope and persistence, recalling the inevitable cycle of life, love, and death. Normand’s works have been exhibited in Canada and the USA, and are part of private collections in many countries.

Quote :

˝What I evoke in my entire body of work is the ability of humans to rise and rebuild themselves, but, above all, to refuse the alienating fear that breaks the wings of creation."