Collection: Rob Croxford

Rob Croxford artist at Gallery merrick

Meet Rob, (who hates speaking in 3rd person) a full-time artist based in Toronto Ontario, where he resides with his adoring husband/art schlepper. In 2024, Rob celebrates a colossal milestone – two decades of showcasing his art to the world! THAT’S TWENTY YEARS!!!

Hailing from the cul-de-sac charm of the London, Ontario suburbs, Rob, a self-proclaimed fancy boy, eschewed sports early on to embrace his passion for design. A detour into an Interior Design Diploma proved short-lived, leading him to the bustling streets of Toronto to pursue a degree in Theatre Technical Production from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Armed with his expensive B.F.A., Rob embarked on a decade long career as a Scenic Artist, leaving his mark (literally) on stages and film sets. His artistic journey then took an unexpected turn into the world of casino murals, a creative endeavor that helped him conquer his ridiculous student debt.

Since 2004, Rob has dedicated himself to his fine art career, refining techniques and honing his unmistakable 'artistic voice’. Along the way, Rob weathered a devastating studio fire and numerous studio closures, emerging stronger (and a bit crazier) every time. Through nearly two decades, he's triumphed over challenges, presenting 12 full collections of artwork with almost 1900 pieces in nearly 200 juried and solo exhibitions . Some of these included prestigious events like The Toronto International Art Fair, The LA Art Fair, as well as The Artist Project, and The Winter One of a Kind Show.

Rob's artistic prowess extends beyond exhibitions, earning him a place in the permanent City of Toronto’s Art Collection. In 2021 he was commissioned for the 100th anniversary of the TTC. His work graces the private collections of several Ontario Mayors as well as celebrities like Alex Lifeson, Stuart McLean, Ann Marie MacDonald, and Yannick Bisson. Rob has even collaborated with iconic names like The Tragically Hip, The Doors, and James Brown. In the last two years alone, Rob has showcased his work in galleries spanning Toronto, Prince Edward County, Caledon, Hamilton, Malibu, Cleveland, Chicago, Victoria BC, and a solo show in Los Angeles.

Amidst the challenges of today's world, Rob's acrylic paintings serve as beacons of light and joy. Purposefully upbeat and humorous, his vintage-inspired work merges pop culture with nostalgia and humour and sometimes a little cheeky political commentary.

Rob is an entertainer, activist, smarty-pants, and perpetual seeker of new ways to challenge and amuse. With plans for 'total global art domination,' Rob invites you to join the journey, because in his world, escapism isn't just a luxury – it's a necessity for survival!