Collection: Peggy Bell, 2023 Solo Show

Peggy Bell, Canadian artist at Gallery Merrick

Peggy Bell's solo show is on display December 1st - 10th, with an opening reception December 1st, 5-8pm.

Artist Statement

Peggy explores abstraction using acrylics. What is seen and felt about her environment, has a hand in determining her choices. She lives in a city, in a troubled world, not far from stunning, but threatened, nature; and, the work evokes these accordingly.

Often Peggy will execute more than one piece at a time, utilizing similar but varied colours. Limiting tools and materials allows her to dig deeper into the possibilities that present themselves. The capabilities of the medium influence her responses. Painting is a meditative and purposeful act of meaning-making. The process involves a continuous series of choices that speak to previous decisions. The resulting art objects are, although influenced by many who came before her, uniquely her own.

The pieces on view at Merrick Gallery are from a series called, “ParCells”. Par - refers to the equality of Peggy’s process in the creation of each object. Cell - refers to the illusion of the roundish casement or parcel. One could think of a visual package that She is bringing forward to a future world. Or not. They really are just abstractions.

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