John Capitano: Curious(?) Betty Boop and other Distractions

Friday RSVP Evening: May 31st, 5-8pm
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 1st, 12-3pm w/ Artist Talk at 2 pm
Show: May 31st-June 11th

"Play and discovery have always been central to my art.  For many years, I have used a playful and arbitrary system to choose colours to paint.  I thrown darts to select my colours and this system of chance results in unique and unpredictable colour combinations.  And it can also create complete chaos on the canvas.   To resolve the painting, my focus shifts to problem-solving while continuing to use the colours selected by the darts.

My work has always reflected a wide range of imagery, including mundane subjects such as the kitchen sink and its usual forms of chaos - a recurring theme that lends a sense of humour to my work (though some say horror ...) which compliments my artistic process.

For this exhibition, my focus is flowers.  The majority of these paintings feature the rose named Rosa ‘Betty Boop’.  It is an award winning rose hybrid whose stock parents, I recently discovered, are Rosa ‘Playboy’ and Rosa ‘Picasso’.

Enjoy the chaos."