Gallery Merrick reviews submissions and accepts new artists into the gallery once per year, during the month of January. We are unable to accept unsolicited applications any other time of year. Please review our guidelines below and prepare to make the best impression possible in January.


Over half of Gallery Merrick's artists are female. We also currently represent non-binary and Indigenous artists. All genders, races, and backgrounds are welcome to apply. Your unique experiences lend to your creative expression. 

Established artists

We currently represent many established artists from across Canada who are also represented by other galleries. Whether you're local, looking to expand across Vancouver Island, or looking to give West Coast collectors access to your work, we're here for you. 


When you apply to be represented by the gallery, be sure to include a full artist CV, a third person bio, a profile picture, and 5-10 examples of your very best work. We would also love to know which galleries currently represent your work.  

Emerging artists

Joe has a knack for picking out emerging talent from the crowd and supporting new artists transitioning into the professional gallery world. He will help you with everything from pricing your first collection to making sure that you feel supported and represented.  


When you apply to be represented by Gallery Merrick, be sure to include a full artist CV, a third-person bio, a profile picture, and 5-10 examples of your very best work. The internet has many wonderful resources to help you put this together. If you don't feel quite ready yet - it would be better to wait a whole year creating a new collection of pieces that show the breadth of your ability, than to rush and submit work that is sub-par. Be prepared, be positive, and be professional. 


A great way to understand the type of artist that the gallery represents is to carefully study our website and experience each artist's work. You can also check our social media and the accounts of our artists. Steep yourself in artistic inspiration, and learn more about the artists that we currently represent.   


We look forward to seeing your work in January! 

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