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Eagle Eye


21" x 27" x 13"

Artist Statement: "I have been using that very Canadian iconic object--the chainsaw, in my artwork for many years now, ever since the day I was bucking firewood and noticed that its case had a resemblance to a raven head.

Used skillfully, selectively and with moderation the chainsaw can be a tool used for good but used unchecked for profit it has the potential to clearcut not only large swaths of landscape/creature habitat but human culture as well.

I like to play with repurposing and re-contextualizing objects so that they make commentary on themselves; obviously I see relevancy, poignancy and likely some irony in reusing the chainsaw to recreate--in this case turning a potentially destructive tool into a sculpture that embodies and resembles nature, hence making it symbolic of that which we might lose through its use."