Commercial Fashion - July 6th 2018

Commercial Fashion was a huge success. Gallery Merrick would like to thank our

Gallerina Dee and all of our volunteers for their hard work.


Commercial Fashion will return in 2019. 


The Gallery Merrick is hosting ‘Commercial Fashion’, an intimate affair. This “fashion happening”  introduces the summers latest trends and unique looks from Nanaimo’s Commercial Street boutiques and retailers. Local designers, including Ay Lelum-The Good House of Design will showcase their luxury fashion lines. Ay Velum is inspired by 2 generations of Coast Salish artists creating wearable works of art.


The community goal is to help generate awareness and raise funds for the ’18 Candles’ project. The ’18 Candles’ project helps support a family of 18 orphans in Uganda living with HIV. The money raised goes directly to medical bills, food, housing and the education necessary to improve the quality of their lives. 


Gallery Merrick, the Hub City’s hottest new art space will introduce a modern twist in the fashion show. ‘Commercial Fashion’ will incorporate dance, yoga and diverse models on the runway. Join us for a night of creativity, enthusiasm and fantastic fashion!




Ana Jost is a designer of bold and fun women’s clothing. Ana is introducing her new line of up-cycled garments at Commercial Fashion. 

Check out Ana's website. 


Aunalee and Sophia will be featuring traditional Coast Salish designs. The two sisters are honouring the legacy of their parents by starting a clothing business. Ay Lelum-The Good House of Design will showcase their luxury fashion lines.


Check out Ay Lelum's website. 

Check out Ay Lelum on Facebook. 


Larissa Barlow has been working with metal since 2015, creating unique, pop-art chainmail pieces. The design allows the rebirth of ancient, utilitarian protection into stylish, avant-garde artwork.

Check out Larissa's website.

Check out Larissa on Twitter. 


Vanessa Cunningham is a third generation weaver living in Horseshoe Bay. Her work is an exploration of colour and texture through a traditional tabby weaving. 

Check out Vanessa's website. 


Kellyanne Forster is Up-Cycling vinyl records and incorporating alternative materials to create unique, one of a kind hats. 





FUNKyourFASHION is a boutique consignment store offering a wide range of high-quality brand-name clothing, footwear and accessories. 

Check out Funk your Fashion's website. 


Flying Fish's products are understated, yet elegant….but we’re not above offering the occasional off-beat or “edgy” design.

Check out Flying Fish's website. 


Fig Clothing and Jewelry makes wearing what you love easy and affordable.

Check out Fig on Facebook. 


Arts Stuff features the work by over 65 artists. You can always count on finding out of the ordinary well made gifts and items for yourself.

Check out Artzi Stuff's website. 


Lucid, the best place for the newest and coolest clothes.

Check out Lucid on Facebook. 


Local by Lucid. More Lucid style, all locally made. 

Check out Lucid on Facebook. 


Blue Poppy is a glorifying buffet of sumptuous handmade artistry.

Check out Blue Poppy on Facebook. 


Gallery Merrick is a space for both emerging and established artist. Gallery Merrick aims to provide a platform for artists to flourish and collectors to expand their collections. 

Check out Gallery Merrick on Facebook. 




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