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Sometimes, things happen that reshape the way we look at the world around us. Ronei has lived her entire life on Vancouver Island, bathed in the light and water of the Pacific landscape. In recent years, both of her parents were diagnosed with dementia. It has been a period of devastating loss, a time in which her parents’ inability to remember the past has called up her own memories of childhood with a vivid brightness.

Ronei was raised on the edge of the wilderness. Her family home sat on a farm by a lake near the ocean. In this quiet habitat, she explored forest trails, paddled canoes, and collected sand dollars. The natural world permeated her DNA.

These memories are now sharpened by loss for her parents, shifting her view of the scenery. While working the canvas she reflects on the past—the memories that continue to animate this native landscape. Ronei’s paintings are reflections—of the west coast world, of memories, of the losses and love that connect one’s identity to place. They are coloured with perspective, gratitude and a sense of purpose.

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Gallery Merrick Show: artist Ronei

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