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Innocent Icarus


32" x 32" x 24"
Carved steel, car wheel, steel plate and skill saw blades

"Innocent Icarus”is a work that blends ancient and contemporary mythologies. The universal and moral lesson of man’s hubris is exemplified by Icarus who ignores the sage advice of his father to not fly too close to the sun with his wax wings and as a result fatally plummets to his death. The contemporary ‘Icarus’ figure in this sculpture is positioned similarly to “Falling Man”—the infamous photograph of the 9-11 Twin Towers employee who tragically jumped to escape the burning tower. To some, he is simply an innocent who was in the wrong place and time. To others, his place of work--the (targeted) iconic symbol of power and hubris, was enough to consider him guilty by association thus assigning him in a role in his own demise! But to me it is to be human to be curious, to be ambitious, to reach. At times we all ignore wisdom to discover our limits and boundaries, unaware of the role we play in our own and others' history. We are all innocent Icaruses!"