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Marney-Rose Edge

Marney-Rose Edge, Canadian artist

Marney-Rose Edge is a Vancouver based artist who paints the fragility in nature. She loves living in New Westminster and has done so since 2003.
Born in New Zealand she travelled and worked in many countries before making Canada home.  Art has become her third career. After spending 25 years in the printing industry as a color expert she moved into the high tech industry working for the Kodak Graphic Communications group. This career used her expertise gained in the printing industry.  She had always been creative and she found her passion in painting.  Becoming an entrepreneur was a natural transition during an economic downturn and she turned her passion into a business.  

 It is her true mastery that make her paintings come alive.  Although Edge is well known for her watercolours, and oils,  she has continued exploration into mark making  for her latest collection proving this to be an important part of her creative process. 
Her subject matter over the years has included florals, nests, seascapes, animals, and landscapes, choosing the medium based on the subject. Edge is a natural teacher, sharing her extensive knowledge with students across the country. She was chosen as one of the elite instructors for the symposium in Calgary with the CSPWC.
Marney-Rose has appeared on the cover of International Artist Magazine, with a 10 page feature article.  Her work has been featured in the highly-acclaimed series of Splash books, the Best of Watercolour and AcrylicWorks, The Best of Acrylics, as well as receiving many other awards.
In 2020 she was featured on a Toronto television program, Stella’s Studio and recently featured on an episode of Opus’ podcast, Conversations with Nature - Art in the Garden
She is a Senior Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, serving on the Board of Directors for a number of years, and a signature member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.   Edge has recently been accepted as an associate member into the prestigious Oil Painters of America organization.

Artist Statement

I am fascinated with the complex structures created by birds, built to house the most fragile of objects, their eggs. Some birds discard a nest at the end of a season never to return to it, their purpose fulfilled. Abandoned nests are reclaimed by nature, and birds start the building process anew year after year. Nests first found their way into my practice more than 10 years ago.

My exploration continued in 2021 and the nests evolved when I started using new painting tools. These brand new works are a result of my search for another way to express the fragility and textures found in nature.

I am seeking to create a balance of organic marks with both hard and soft edges, and through this process I am consistently surprised when I step back and discover a nest of photographic quality has been created. Just like nature, the longer you view these paintings, the more you discover.

Marney-Rose Edge SFCA, CSPWC

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