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Kara Dee Harrison

As a bright-eyed graduate, Kara Dee Harrison began a year of study at Malaspina University College (now Vancouver Island University), followed by a three-year private apprenticeship with local painter Richard Hoedl. Much personal study and experimentation were next, with workshops and tutorials guiding her emerging style. Kara was especially interested in assemblage work, discovering the joy of working outside the boundaries of the canvas.  

In 2016, Kara began a tattoo apprenticeship with Nicholas McMaster, challenging herself to expand her scope of work and translate it to a squishy and demanding canvas, the human body. Two years of study with Nick also focused on developing her painting and design skills.   

Kara's work is often influenced by pop culture, dinosaurs, and local marine life. Her signature colours are turquoise and gold. Kara has a great love of secrets and surprises and often hides found objects, plastic dinosaurs, and messages in the backs of her paintings for other seekers to discover. 

Kara's great hope is that others will find joy in her work, and create elaborate backstories for the characters held therein.