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Julie King

Artist Statement

My work is informed by a love of nature; daily walks in the forest help to quiet the noise and distractions of modern life. My paintings have been described as ‘landed abstracts’ - offering just enough to suggest a sense of place without being tied to a specific location. The abstracted compositions are my attempt to capture the feeling of moving through the landscape, noticing how it changes with each step; the flicker of light on individual leaves; a tree trunk growing sideways from years of withstanding strong winds; tiny traces of mist beginning to form as the temperature cools. I often include compositional elements that hint at paths or streams, helping to lead the eye into the painting and creating a sense of depth.

In the studio, the paintings develop organically. I always start several canvases at once and the initial marks are loose and spontaneous. The paint is applied energetically and, as the layers build, a composition begins to emerge. Drips and splashes suggest organic growth. Transparent glazes of colour help to unify, while allowing the original, fresh brushstrokes to show through. I love the way this mimics the earth’s surface; layers of pattern and decay built up over time.

“The purpose of art is the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.” Glenn Gould


Originally from England, I graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Textile Design. After a period of travel in South East Asia, I worked in London for several years as a designer and colourist. My focus shifted to painting in 1999 when I moved to a small island in the Caribbean; the luminosity of the tropical waters - in such stark contrast to the muted colours of London - inspired seascapes in oil pastel.

I have lived on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada since 2002.

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