Collection: Jay Hanscom's 2023 Show

We are very excited to share Jay Hanscom's newest collection with you!

This body of work created for this exhibition is a continuation of themes of frustration, despair, violence, drugs and money. Often confrontational, and always unapologetic, Hanscom’s works create an intersection of masculinity and detachment, by playing with the concept of repetition and power.

Though almost entirely two-dimensional, the depth and layers of Hanscom’s work gives it an almost sculptural character. These mixed media works on wood panel are built up in layers of paint, oil stick, graphite, collage and original drawings beneath and between layers of clean, crisp resin.

This darkly vibrant collection blends bold colours and hard hitting imagery filled with repetitive motifs of skulls, targets, vultures, and numbers, and text that begs to confront and challenge the viewer. Elements of playfulness combine with graphic iconography and messages that speak to a grander conversation. The reflective quality of the pieces, making them almost like a mirror, ask one to look at themselves in understanding the chaotic orchestration of the narrative.

If you have questions about any of the pieces, or would like to see more images of a particular piece, please reach out to us. | 250-754-7575

Show: September 1st - 10th
Opening Night: September 1st, 6-9 PM

You can view Jay Hanscom's previous work HERE.