Shelley Wuitchik

Tidal Swirl


Encaustic on board

20 x 34 in.




Encaustic on board

24 x 36 in.


Continuance 1 


Encaustic on board

30 x 30 in.


Continuance 2 


Encaustic on board

30 x 30 in.



Encaustic painting is my passion. I love the process of melting fragment beeswax infused with vibrant pigments and fusing layer upon layer of unexpected texture with my blow torch.


Encaustic literally means to burn. I love the spontaneity and transformative properties of molten wax. It allows me to build a story encapsulated in a luminous, tactile medium.


My work mirrors my life, which is also multi-layered, enriched by the texture of family and friends and the ebb and flow of the seasons.    


Shelley Wuitchik is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, the International Encaustic Association, and Canwax West.



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