Rob Robinson

Silver Tree

Deconstructed Aluminum Cable

8 x 17 x 5


Eastern Tree 

Deconstructed Aluminum Cable

10 x 27 x 5



Aluminum cable on wood

15 x 23 x 17 


Red Stone Wind

Deconstructed Aluminum Cable

6 x 16 x 4


Polished Red Stone

Deconstructed Aluminum Cable

10 x 16 x 6


Knot Rock

Deconstructed Aluminum Cable

7 x 13 x 6


Heavy Cable Tree

Deconstructed Aluminum Cable

14 x 33 x 10


Circle Rock

Deconstructed Aluminum Cable

14 x 17 x 8


Rob Robinson A.O.C.A.

Rob Robinson is a multi media artist and designer living in both Toronto and the Gulf Islands on Canada’s west coast.

A graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design in 1973 and recipient of The Governor General’s Medal.

His work includes drawing, watercolours, wire and metal sculpture and industrial design. He has designed architecture and retail spaces in Canada, USA, Europe, Africa, Australia, China, Japan, North, South and Central America.

Rob’s current works include the development of sculptural light forms incorporating metal, wood and stone.

He is an avid runner and has completed marathons in Toronto, Ottawa, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Berlin and the renowned Boston Marathon seven times.

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