Mark Fletcher

The Well Pump Cover 


12 x 16 in.  

Acrylic on canvas



McLeod's near Eastwood


12 x 16 in.

Acrylic on canvas 


Sun on the South Side 


12 x 16 in.

Acrylic on canvas 



Mark Fletcher is an artist whose paintings tell stories. The stories are of us as seen through the eyes of a youth who moved about, living in various regions of the country. In 1974, he was enrolled at Trinity College School, Port Hope, ON and began a casual study of painting and art history. His interest in the arts continued into university and flourished into a full time career. 


Mark's paintings seem to extend beyond their physical bounds. They live with you and perhaps even haunt the viewer. The suggested movement is dynamic and they evoke feelings, which cannot be forgotten or overlooked. His use of vivid colour creates a joy that emanates from his canvases. The minimal landscapes that he creates are personal and sensitive. In all of Mark's paintings there is a clear graphic statement, finely defined. As a viewer his works, first on a visceral, captures your level and then intellectually and spiritually. 


As well as painting, Mark is an accomplished musician "I perform with two pipe bands, Stratford Police Pipes & Drums and Dundas Pipes and Drums. I do a lot of solo work as well as a piper and multi instrumentalist. Several sound studios use me when they have artists come in that need some additional instrumentation added to their cd's. As well I've been a guest artist performing with several symphony productions... I perform with a 5 member Roots Music/Celtic ensemble called the Steel City Rovers as well. This group is really taking off! We're very busy in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan as well as Ontario. We did our first tour to the US midwest in April 2016 which stopped in Nebraska and Colorado. They are an amazing crew, very creative and can really play! I'm the 'ol guy who does a lot of the behind the scenes managing." 


Born on April 16, 1957 in Ontario. Nationality is Canadian.   

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