Kara Dee Harrison

The Otter’s Picnic 

The Otter’s Picnic features; Alonso, Shephard, Gilligan, Rowen, Sabrina, Ariel, Albertina, Wini, Theodora, and twins Nash and Dash. These North American River Otters are on their way to a picnic. The backgrounds are patterned with vintage images of fish, the otter’s preferred picnic snack. Each painting comes with a fun fact about the otter's pictured. 

Shepherd, Theodora, and Gilligan


Acrylic, ink, and resin on board 

Board: 6 x 12 in.   



Shepherd likes to climb rocks and splash his friends. 

Theodora gives excellent high fives. 

Gilligan has an extensive collection of drinking straws.


Ariel's Daydream 


Acrylic, ink, and resin on board 

Board: 6 x 12 in.   



Ariel has an excellent singing voice and likes to pretend she has synchronized backup dancers and professional stage lighting.  



Acrylic, ink, and resin on board 

Board: 4 x 6 in.   



The otters told Shepherd that he was supposed to be inside the frame, but Shepherd insisted that the view was better up here.  




Acrylic, ink, and resin on board 

Board: 4 x 16 in.   



Rowen was voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ by his classmates. He hasn’t yet decided what he wants to do with his life, but he’s enjoying the ride.   

The Crab’s Parade 

The Crab’s Parade features a variety of local crab species including; red rock, tanner, pygmy, purple shore, green shore, pacific lyre, red king, northern kelp, and purple hermit crabs. They travel along Nanaimo’s parade route streets, over photos dating back to the 1890’s. The crabs start on Victoria Crescent, then move through Commercial Street, Church Street, and complete their parade on Front Street. 

Victoria Crescent 


Acrylic, ink, and resin on board

3 x 18 in. 



The crabs gathered on Victoria Crescent. They snapped their claws in excitement, and since no one could tell time, the parade began immediately.  

Commercial Street Pride 


Acrylic, ink, and resin on board

3 x 18 in. 



Commercial street was embellished with every colour of the rainbow and dangerous amounts of glitter. All of the crabs danced joyfully.


Front Street


Acrylic, ink, and resin on board

3 x 12 in. 



The parade continued past the Bastion and all along the harbour. Crustaceans clapped and cheered as their festive friends returned to the water to plan next year’s parade.   


As a bright eyed graduate I began a year of study at Malaspina University College (now Vancouver Island University), but found their guidance both too narrowly focused and too loosely instructed for my aspirations. A private apprenticeship with local artist Richard Hoedl followed, which proved to be a much more rewarding experience. Much personal study and experimentation followed, workshops and tutorials guiding my emerging style. 


Most recently I began a tattoo apprenticeship with Nicholas McMaster, challenging myself to expand my scope of work and translate it to a squishy and demanding canvas, the human body.  Through Nick's influence and instruction, I have also been able to further develop my painting skills. 


Being a part time mermaid necessitates a certain minimum of turquoise, gold, and water elements incorporated into my artwork. I love secrets and surprises and searching where I have not yet been invited. For this reason I often hide found objects, plastic dinosaurs, and messages in the backs of my paintings for other seekers to discover. 


I hope that others will find joy in my work, and create elaborate backstories for the characters held therein.  

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