Kara Dee Harrison

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As a bright eyed graduate I began a year of study at Malaspina University College (now Vancouver Island University), but found their guidance both too narrowly focused and too loosely instructed for my aspirations. A private apprenticeship with local artist Richard Hoedl followed, which proved to be a much more rewarding experience. Much personal study and experimentation followed, workshops and tutorials guiding my emerging style. 


Most recently I began a tattoo apprenticeship with Nicholas McMaster, challenging myself to expand my scope of work and translate it to a squishy and demanding canvas, the human body.  Through Nick's influence and instruction, I have also been able to further develop my painting skills. 


Being a part time mermaid necessitates a certain minimum of turquoise, gold, and water elements incorporated into my artwork. I love secrets and surprises and searching where I have not yet been invited. For this reason I often hide found objects, plastic dinosaurs, and messages in the backs of my paintings for other seekers to discover. 


I hope that others will find joy in my work, and create elaborate backstories for the characters held therein.  

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