Chrissy Nickerson

Commercial Street

Oil on Canvas

24 x 24 in.


Modern Café

Oil on Canvas

24 x 24 in.


Amputherter point

Oil on canvas

36 x48 in.


Chestermans Beach

Oil on canvas

20 x 60 in.


Schooner Bay 2 

Oil on canvas

48 x 48 in. 


















Chrissy Nickerson graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with two degrees, a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Design in Environmental Planning. Nickerson is represented by Elevation Gallery in Canmore, Alberta; Gallery Merrick in Nanaimo, BC; and Gallery B in Castine, Maine, USA. 


The artist has won awards including; the Spot Light Award at the Mayor Awards in Canmore (2015), Award of Emerging Artist of the Year (2007), and the Best of the Bow for Best Local Artist for three years running from 2013-2015. Chrissy has participated in self directed artist residencies as well. The Banff Centre in 2008 and the Ted Harrison Retreat in Carcross, Yukon in 2010.


Nickerson's work is large, strong, painterly, bright, and interprets the Canadian landscape tradition in a fresh way. She sees studying the environment as an artist as her cultural responsibility. Her role as an artist is to seek out beauty and authenticity in our surroundings, to share it with the community at large, and to communicate the importance of our natural resources and habitats. By documenting such places through her work, she hopes to enhance our nations prosperity, our pride in Mother Earth, in our water and in our lives.


When viewing Nickerson's work, one sees the landscape as a whole through a broader sense of environmental awareness; Canadian Culture.


Chrissy Nickerson is a career artist of 38. She is an investment today and in the future of North American art.      

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